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4 M glamping bell tent
The Equine Fusion Kanukadale horses
Kanukadale friendly mini goats
Guest camping at Kanukadale with her horse
Bell tents
Kanukadale Horse Brodribb River frontage
Tama and her therapy ponies

We offer a holistic approach to personal wellbeing, focusing on our vital connection with the natural environment. We work from an evidence-based approach, drawing upon the incredible healing power of interacting with horses. There are many experiential learning opportunities through the time spent with horses here.

We invite guests to experience their interconnectedness with earth and nature. Our five senses can awaken and attune us to the present; grounding us solidly through our feet to the earth. Being in our natural environment reminds us of our connection with nature and our belonging in the world.

Unpredictable moments always occur, facilitating relational moments between the animal and the human.



Our vision is to provide a caring space that is respectful of all people, animals and the natural environment. These surroundings will nurture self-growth and improved well-being through experiences in nature, and are often facilitated through connections with horses.

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