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'Tru Bond' Equine Connection Camp

Learn all about horses and also discover important aspects of yourself while this learning is happening. The days are brim full of horse psycho-education, hands on practical learning and horsemanship.

Topics covered are:

Horse evolution and why the horse is the way they are. Authentic communication with the horse, using their language instead of ours. Different training methods and behaviour regulation. Safety awareness and noticing boundaries. Respect and relationship building.

Practical sessions cover how to make friends with your camp horse, catching and haltering your camp horse, leading safely using your own leadership skills, negotiating obstacles together, clicker training to teach the horse a trick, lead out on trail, work at liberty. Practical horse care covering how to keep a horse healthy, common illnesses and ailments, leading, grooming, enrichment practices. Some of this learning may be relevant to other species such as dogs and cats, as all mammals share common traits.

Your investment in your Wellbeing - $350 PER DAY


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