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Trails with tails

You will start your three day journey by wandering amongst the herd and choosing your equine companion who will be by your side for most of the next three days. Each day, with the support of an experienced guide, you and your horse will set off ascending the mountains adjacent to the valley of Goongerah. Here, the tall Eucalypts tower high above, the gullies are rich with Gondwana reminiscent tree ferns, providing refuge to goannas, wallabies, echidnas, a plethora of birds and many other species. Relish in daily quiet walking with your chosen horse companion, enjoying lunch from the pack saddle while soaking in the serenity of raw nature. This is a reflective, inner focussed journey where words are not so important. Tap into a deeper sense of communication as the horses do, with body language, intuition and connection. The daily walks will oscillate between silent reflective walking, whispering quietly to your horse (they are great secret keepers) and speaking with your guide and each other. Upon our return to Kanukadale Care Farm in the afternoon, you will attend to your horses needs with grooming, feeding, watering and releasing into the paddock with herd. 

Your investment in your Wellbeing - $350 PER DAY

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