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Founder and Managing Director

Tama Green


Tama is dual-qualified in delivering Equine Assisted Learning Programs with the Equine Psychotherapy Institute (EPI) and the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) and has tertiary qualifications in Youth Work, Community Services and Equine Management. 

Tama is an Advanced Equine Specialist and is an expert on working with the animal-human bond.

With over 30 years of academic and professional experience with horses, Tama brings a deep and thorough understanding of horse behaviour to Kanukadale Care Farm, enabling her to correctly interpret the behaviour ensuring all interactions are safe for both horses and humans.

Prior to gaining qualifications as an Equine Assisted Practitioner, Tama's experience in the horse industry was vast.

She ran a trail riding business along the pristine coastline of Marlo in East Gippsland, run pony camps for kids, trained and educated many horses and ponies and then moved into breeding. Kanukadale Sporthorses have been sold all over Australia to families wanting a safe horse to riders in the State Squad.

Tama has been an Equine Consultant and trained and assessed many therapy horses for Practitioners in the industry. Tama has presented ‘The Gentle Art of Working with Horses” at - The Way of the Horse Conference. She is also an Equine Specialist Founding Member AAIAA, and has sat on the board of AA-EAP-EAL.


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