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The Gentle Art of Horse Education

With over 20 years academic and professional experience in the horse industry and 5 years experience in the Youth Work sector, Tama is an Advanced Equine Specialist and is an expert on working with the animal-human bond.

Tama's experience with horses is vast and varied. She has ridden and shown in hand competitively for many years. She has run a trail riding business along the pristine coastline of Marlo in East Gippsland, run pony camps for kids, trained and educated too many horses and ponies to keep count and then moved into breeding. Kanukadale Sporthorses have been sold all over Australia to families wanting a safe horse to riders in the State Squad.


Tama gives riding and groundwork lessons with a horse psycho-education stream in all lessons to develop the horse lovers depth of understanding of the behaviours of the horse, which in turn increases their expertise as a teacher to the horses. School horses available to work with or ride your own.


Tama teaches clicker training using positive reinforcement. Horses love it!

Tama takes a limited number of trainee horses, when their owners require a little extra help.