Where are we?

Tama is the Principal Practitioner at Nature Fusion, facilitating programs on the serene, nature filled property ten minutes from the centre of Bairnsdale. 


The field is our office and boardroom. The clients experience our interconnectedness with earth and nature. Our five senses can awaken and attune us to the present; grounding us solidly through our feet to the earth. Being in our natural environment reminds us of our connection with nature and our belonging in the world. Unpredictable moments occur, facilitating relational moments between the animal, the practitioner and the client.



Nature Fusion Massage offered at "Equine Fusion" Facility. You are invited to enjoy your massage fully enveloped in nature, surrounded by therapy horses and our therapy dog at your side. Your massage table is centred in the horse’s field. Tama is a fully qualified horse specialist, ensuring your safety at all times.              



Nature Fusion Massage describes massage techniques that embrace a combination of healing modalities. Our range of holistic massage and well-being therapies include Motivational Massage, Relaxation Massage and Aromatherapy Massage with the use of scent oils to invigorate, de-stress or focus.


Tama is professionally trained with the Brisbane College of Applied Sciences in Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage and Iridology.



Equine Fusion is situated in  Bairnsdale in beautiful East Gippsland.
Fusion Therapy Massage is situated in the consulting rooms of 289 Main Street, Bairnsdale.
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