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Situated on the lush dale of the Brodribb River, Kanukadale Care Farm is the perfect getaway to unwind, relax and remember your true self. Here at Kanukadale Care Farm you will experience our interconnectedness with earth and nature. Our five senses can awaken and attune us to the present; grounding us solidly through our feet to the earth. Being in our natural environment reminds us of our connection with nature and our belonging in the world. 


Kanukadale Care Farm is located in the remote and rugged Goongerah Valley in East Gippsland. There is no phone or t.v. reception. The closest towns are Delegate in NSW 50km away or Orbost in Victoria 70km away. There is a public phone box and internet at the Community Hall 6 km up the road from Kanukadale. There is internet on site at Kanukadale. There is no shop or fuel station in Goongerah, so you need to bring everything with you for your stay. We were severely impacted by the Black Summer bushfires, so you will staying surrounded by a raw and recovering forest. This may be difficult for some people, however its serves as an honest backdrop to begin healing. The healing of the forest is a constant reminder of the resiliency and surviving capacity of nature, of which we are all integrally connected. You will witness the rebuilding of our farm and our lives in real time during your stay at Kanukadale. We have a solid Bushfire Risk Management Plan in place and due to safety, we only offer seasonal retreats and holiday options. It is recommended you book early as spaces and dates are limited. We look forward to sharing Kanukadale Care Farm with you.

Black summer bushfires
Black summer bushfire
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