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'Horse Wisdom' Equine Assisted Learning Camp

The Horse Wisdom Camp involves participants in experiential learning activities with horses. Through activities with the horses, participants are supported to develop resiliency, coping skills and overcome social barriers. 

This is achieved through horse/ human connection, obstacle challenges, sharing reflective space with the horses and metaphorical building with the use of the paddock props.

Participants may build a snapshot of their life and then, with the guidance and support of the horses and the facilitator, the participants develop the capacity to reflect on their behaviours and subsequent actions.

This enables the participants to build tolerance to difficult/ unhealthy feelings one drop at a time. Participants learn real-life skills and self-empowerment through mindfulness and the emergent self-awareness.

Equine Fusion facilitators are skilled at supporting the participant to pendulate from experiencing the feeling to resourcing to the outer world.

The Program addresses human development needs directing the participant to advance specific life skills, such as creative thinking, responsibility, leadership, relationships and problem-solving.

When one has been subject to adverse events in their life that has caused some trauma, it is important to support the person with routine and attachment; meaningful attachment to another before attempting trauma counselling. This meaningful attachment can be formed through work with animals (Arianne Struik 2011). For some people, talking about the trauma in a room based counselling setting is not an option at this time. Here at Kanukadale Care Farm, we provide many innovative opportunities to allow the participant to make sense of their world in a meaningful way, while surrounded by horses and nature. This is the space where the healing can begin.

Your investment in your Wellbeing - $350 per day

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