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'Galloping On' Equine Enhanced Wellness Retreat

This is the three day retreat to attend if you need a little support and guidance to move through emotional challenges in your life. Through your work with the horses, you will be guided to learn new life skills and positive coping tools that horses themselves use. Your enhanced wellness retreat is tailored to suit your individual requirements and may include: 

Daily guided four steps to the present with the herd

Tap into your what your body is telling you. Develop your inner zone awareness and also your outer zone awareness. It is your awareness that gives you the choice of how to respond. Horses live in awareness as they must, a prey creature will not stay alive for very long if they are unaware of their feelings or their environment around them.

















Daily Equine Assisted Learning and Development session

Through experiential learning activities with the herd, you will be supported to move through emotional challenges in your life. Participants are supported into self empowerment through mindfulness with horses and the emergent self awareness. Learn how to tune into your intuition and find your strength in who you really are.






















Hiking with horses

Enjoy daily quiet walking with your horse companion. This is a reflective, inner focussed journey where words are not so important. Tap into a deeper sense of communication as the horses do, with body language, intuition and connection. 


Crafts with the Crew

The paddock becomes your art room and the horses your inspiration, make something to take home with you. Enjoy time out in the paddock or barn with the miniature goats and miniature ponies and donkey, tapping into your artistic, imaginative self. During your session, you are provided with an array of craft equipment to satiate the creativity in you as you design your own piece to take home.

Your investment in your Wellbeing - $350 PER DAY 


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