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Experiences and Extras

Relax a little longer and take home some enhanced wellness tools, have a nourishing Equine Assisted Learning Session or activate the artistic you by crafting in the paddock with the herd book one of the extras below. If you are looking for something more active, book a pack horse trek and enjoy a guided wander amongst the tall trees with your equine friend.

Animal clicker training

Tru Bond Horsemanship


In this ninety minute animal behaviour session, you will enhance your skills as an animal communicator. Learn about or deepen your knowledge of successful training methods such as positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, clicker training and the science behind why these methods work. Tama designed the Tru Bond Method and has used it to train dogs, goats, cats, chickens, cows and of course, equids. You will also learn how to teach a horse a fun trick using the clicker and positive reinforcement. You can then use what you've learnt at Kanukadale to build upon your own animals training. 

Cost is $105 inc GST


Equine Assisted Learning session


In this sixty minute session you will be offered physically and emotionally safe experiences with horses for the purpose of furthering self-development in relationship, boundaries, choices and awareness. Through the horses and a trained Practitioner, you will be supported to develop new insight and new skills to work towards your best self.

Cost is $140 inc GST

Horseshoe dreamcatchers

Crafts with the crew

Enjoy time out in the paddock or barn with the miniature goats and miniature ponies and donkey, tapping into your artistic, imaginative self. During your one hour session, you are provided with an array of craft equipment to satiate the creativity in you as you design your own piece to take home.

Cost is $60 inc GST


Trails with Tails Pack horse trek

You will start your two and a half hour journey by wandering amongst the herd and choosing your equine companion to accompany you on your trek. An experienced guide will also choose a horse as horses are herd creatures and they are more comfortable with a same species friend as well. Together, we then set off for a journey, leaving the valley of Goongerah, into the adjacent mountains. Here, the tall Eucalypts tower high above, the gullies are rich with Gondwana reminiscent tree ferns, providing refuge to goannas, wallabies, echidnas and many other species.

Cost is $150 inc GST


Pony Play

Spend time with the little herd, brushing, caring, sharing space, leading, feeding. This is great for little kids too. One hour session.

Cost is $60 inc GST




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