Ethical Matters

Here at Equine Fusion we do NOT ‘Use’ horses or dogs nor are they ‘It’. Our animals are valued members of the team, given the same respect as our fellow humans. Their comfort and needs are as important as our own.
The horses are free to be horses in their herd, no nasty bits or heavy saddles are used. Most of the work is done at liberty, with the horses free to move away if that is what the horse needs to do. Due to the way the horses are treated here, we become part of their herd which opens opportunities to develop bonds with each herd member which provides rich experiences of each horse’s uniqueness.
In the Animal Assisted Therapy Industry, Ethics are paramount to the wellbeing and safety of all participants. Here at Equine Fusion we balance the needs of the human clients with respect for the needs of the animal. The therapeutic animal’s personality must be suited for the therapeutic setting.
We follow the guidelines of our certifying organisations –
EAGALA Ethics Protocol
EPI Values, Principles and Code of Ethics
Lead the Way Ethics.