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Equine Fusion Ethos

At Equine Fusion we belief that ethics are paramount to the wellbeing and safety of all participants.


  • Professional integrity: through confidentiality and offering services within our scope of expertise

  • Animal welfare: Always hold animals in high regard and promote the understanding that animals are sentient beings

  • Quality Service: Offer a quality service that is a culturally responsive and inclusive practice


  • Openness: Share information and ideas that will benefit and improve enhanced wellness through natural experiences

  • Innovation: By using our knowledge, expertise, and creativity to keep us at the forefront in the field of enhanced wellness


  • Always act in the best interest and honour and respect all horses, guests and workers

  • Within the limits of our responsibility, ensure that the natural environment is appreciated and respected

  • Provide guests with information on the beneficial impacts of horse/human relationship

We follow the five freedoms and five domains of the animal welfare framework


1. From hunger and thirst

2. From discomfort

3. From pain, injury and disease

4. To express normal behaviour

5. From fear and distress


  1. Nutrition

  2. behavior 

  3. health

  4. mental state 

  5. environment

More information about the five freedoms and domains can be found HERE

We follow Carol Ryffs Six-factor Model of Psychological Well-being

1. Self acceptance

2. Personal growth

3. Purpose in life

4. Environmental mastery

5. Autonomy

6. Positive relationship with others 

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