Animal Assisted Interventions and Capacity Building

It is well documented that the presence of an animal - even fish in an aquarium reconnects people with nature and their inner sense of calmness.
Animals are non judgemental and accept people regardless of their gender, race, culture, skin colour, language skills.  Acceptance is the basis for building trust.
Physiologically, dogs and horses lower blood pressure and heart rate and therefore stress levels.
Domestic animals allow clients to give and receive safe touch as dogs and horses have no inhibitions or ethical or legal ramifications to keep them from expressing their love through physical closeness.
Horses model self awareness and awareness of their environment. They pick up subtle changes and respond authentically. Horses do not lie or pretend.
Know who you are sending your clients to:


Equine Assisted Learning is a relatively new field of Experiential learning in Australia. There are many acronyms - EIP,EFP, EFL, EAC, EAL, EAP. All offer something different and require different training for accreditation. After training with some associations, a person is qualified to practise after attending a 4 day workshop. You can rest assured that the practitioners working under the Equine Fusion banner are trained in the most thorough models available in Australia.

Equine Psychotherapy Institute Australia AND

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association 

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Programs


EAGL involves the client in experiential learning with horses.

Clients participate in activities with horses where the goal is to help the client develop resiliency, coping skills and overcome social barriers.

Clients learn life skills and self empowerment through mindfulness and the emergent self awareness.

EAGL addresses human development needs directing the client to advance specific life skills, such as creative thinking, responsibility, leadership, relationships and problem solving.